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The purpose of the Hub is to serve as a cyberspace where the community of teachers and experts about behavioural management can explore, share and discuss together tips and strategies useful to overtake social, emotional and behavioural difficulties. It is created to provide also a repository in which collect all contents of the training activities and gather the data collected with the use of the Behave app. A place in which you can discuss innovative teaching ideas and practices and receive comments and suggestions inside the community. Contribute with your thoughts and share your ideas take advantage from the following main tools:

Information desk

This section allow you to stay in touch with teachers and other experts in educational strategies for SEBD.

Give your contribute participating to the forum!


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The BeHave survey aims to provide a framework, an overview of the behavioural management systems or principles according to which the participating countries shape their approach of children with SEBD​.


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Training materials

This section gives you the great opportunity to view and download all training materials about SEBD, collected during the BeHave Mobility Training Program, across European partner countries.


Access to the free contents

Resources about SEBD

In this section you can find a collection of information resources about SEBD. 




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